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A pregnant woman today has many choices when it comes to how she will deliver her child. In a hospital with a doctor or at home with a midwife? What about under water? Should she plan on an epidural? What happens if she needs a c-section or if the baby comes early? Pregnant women face these decisions, worries, and more. There are many informative and precious pictures in the book. A Midwife’s Legacy, will help women make informed decisions on what will work for them and their family during childbirth.

After graduating from The American Academy of Midwifery in Grand Prairie, Texas, I have delivered in the past 38 years over 2,012 babies, including water births, twins, breeched babies, and vbacs. With home birth on the rise by 20 percent in the last year, when I retired from midwifery I wrote "A Midwife's Legacy," a book that should be read by all pregnant women, midwives, and doulas. This book contains information that will help women decide the right journey for themselves and how to prepare with their body, mind, and spirit. Preparing for childbirth is the most important journey of a woman’s life, and my book will help her make it special. 

I have been a birth and postpartum doula since 1975 and foster mother of 13 single mothers. I have taught childbirth education, newborn, and wellness classes to women. I have written for a Kansas City wellness magazine. I have breathed the breath of life into a newborn and halted a mother’s bleeding during postpartum hemorrhage.

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